Ransomware educating staff in cyber security

Educating staff is vitally important in the fight against cyber crime. Logic support team can help your business in the fight against cyber crime. Download Kaspersky’s top 10 tips on how to educate staff about cyber security. Kaspersky is a leader in the fight against cyber crime.






What is ransomware?

Ransomware:  Logic support team can help your business fight ransomware
Ransomware is malicious code that is used by cybercriminals to launch data kidnapping and lockscreen attacks. The motive for ransomware attacks is monetary, and unlike other types of security exploits, the victim is usually notified that an attack has occurred and is given instructions for how to recover data. Payment for recovery instructions is often demanded in virtual currency to protect the criminal’s identity.

Ransomware malware can be spread through malicious e-mail attachments, infected software apps, infected external storage devices and compromised websites. In a lock screen attack, the malware may change the victim’s login credentials for a computing device; in a data kidnapping attack, the malware may encrypt files on the infected device as well as files on other connected network devices.

Ransomware kits on the dark web have allowed cybercriminals with little or no technical background to purchase inexpensive ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) programs and launch attacks with very little effort. Attackers may use one of several different approaches to extort digital currency from their victims. For example:

  • The victim may receive a pop-up message or email warning that if the ransom is not paid by a certain date, the private key required to unlock the device or decrypt files will be destroyed.
  • The victim may be duped into believing he is the subject of an official inquiry. After being informed that unlicensed software or illegal web content has been found on his computer, the victim is given instructions for how to pay an electronic fine.
  • The attacker encrypts files on infected computed devices and makes money by selling a product that promises to help the victim unlock files and prevent future malware attacks.

To protect against ransomware attacks and other types of cyber extortion, experts urge users to backup computing devices on a regular basis and update software — including anti-virus software — on a regular basis. End users should beware of clicking on links in emails from strangers or opening email attachments and victims should do all they can to avoid paying ransoms.

While ransomware attacks may be nearly impossible to stop, there are important data protection measures individuals and organizations can take to ensure that damage is minimal and recovery is a quick as possible. Strategies include compartmentalise authentication systems and domains, keeping up-to-date storage snapshots outside the main storage pool and enforcing hard limits on who can access data and when access is permitted.

Culture Change

There are many facets and challenges to running a small business.  Most of us business owners wear enough different hats in a day to keep a milliner in business for life.  Just when you have the hang of everything the rules change and you have to adapt again.  Not so dissimilar to the skills you need out in the “real world.”

We are used to the pace of change in the world of all things techie.  That’s what where our passion lies and where we like to think that we really do offer a great service to our clients. We love giving technical advice.

What none of us really like is sales!  Of course we need to keep the money coming in the door just like anyone else but it really isn’t fun for us. We know we have to market our services to keep the business healthy but what we really want to do is talk to you about technology, about what we can do to improve your working life.

Where can we change a process or give you an idea to change it yourself?  Where can we save you time?  Save you money? What is coming out in the next few months to get excited about?  Which of the good old technologies you have been using for years are still worth their salt?

Should you move to the Cloud?  How can you make your new office refit look amazing as well as work for all your staff?  How can you keep a gentle eye on those staff who are working from home or on the road without causing friction or extra work for yourself?

And what can you do about security in the light of the new data protection laws?  Can’t you just have a system that keeps you safe so that it isn’t your concern?

These are the kind of issues and technical advice we like to spend our time on.


In a competitive marketplace it was something we really had to think about.

We hope it gives us time to do the things that we enjoy, in other words, talking to you about all things technical.  It also means that you will only talk to people who want to offer you the benefit of their knowledge rather than push you into a sale.  We hope that it means we can develop a long standing relationship based on trust and understanding of your business.  After all, a sales person is a sales person, not usually someone who has spent years in professional training learning to understand all things IT related.

So, from now on, when you have a query you will speak to one of our senior technical staff, fully qualified to give technical advice.  No more battling through sales before you get to the interesting bit. They will be able to quickly ascertain your requirements and work with you to find the best solution.  It’s never a one size fits all!




Computer Networks – How Does A Small Business Protect Itself | Brian’s Story

Computer Networks – How Does A Small Business Protect Itself.

Let’s meet Brian, the owner of a successful Estate Agents on the South Coast has just had a call from
his senior administrator,

“something is wrong with the system this morning, it’s taken
about twenty minutes to load and now is running really slowly”.

Once the system comes up, there are several databases not working and the customer management
software is empty of data.

Brian is out on important client meetings this morning and he has no time to deal with this, several swear words are heard by his senior admin through the handsfree kit

It’s until later in the week the extent of the problem dawns. The business systems have been hacked over the weekend. Someone clicked on a link and that was it.

  1. He has an immediate Data Protection breach and he will need to notify every customer
    that their personal data has been compromised/stolen.
  2. He can’t contact anyone on his to do list as the contact details held in his systems
    are not available.
  3. Completions that are due this week and next have not been invoiced, but who are they?
    An message on all of the machines on the network are showing a strange error message,
    asking for him to call an overseas number and have his credit card to hand.
  4. Already a couple of tenants have been in touch wanting to know about repairs. With no system they can’t be helped.
  5. He calls his occasional tech support guy who confirms he has Ransomware on his system,
    and without payment of £1500 he will not get access to any of the office data.
  6. The last backup is over a month out of date, it’s only done when someone remembers.

There you have it, Brian’s problem is more extensive than he thinks.

The costs of recovering from this are going run into many thousands.

£1500 cost of paying the ransom.
£1000 cost of writing to all of his clients letting them know of the breach.
£ 100 Bank charges for late payment due to invoices not going out on time.
£?? Loss of sales
£400 Technical support
£?? Salary and office expenses

Where does it all end?

Logic 1st can solve all of these problems in advance of them becoming a problem. We’ll help you implement solid and proven solutions for your business, and we do with a smile, good grace and at a fixed price.

  • Backup
  • Anti Hacking Packages
  • Staff training and conventional support.

Don’t be like Brian, call John today.

Tel. 01273 784900 (option 2)

Logic 1st – IT Security Update March 2017

LOGIC 1st IT Support  – News and Updates – March 2017

We’re back with our second newsletter of 2017!

Last year Logic 1st managed to solve tens of thousands of IT problems before they became a problem for our clients. Our active monitoring notifies us if something is wrong and often we’ll fix it before you know it.

Couple of points in this issue.

  • A Humming WHALE
  • Don’t get held to ransom
  • News from South Africa.

Humming Whale is back, this time inside Android devices. Not sure who names these things, but the thought of a humming whale does boggle the mind a little. This kind of problem needs to be identified and solved before it plays havoc with the rest of systems in your office. Get in touch for some handy guidance.

You only need a member of staff with an android device to check work email and your entire IT ecosystem could be under threat.


Don’t Get Held To Ransom


Of all things that could happen to you, this is one of the last things you’d really want. Basically, software is downloaded to one of your office computers, it then starts to work by encrypting all of your files and data.

That really annoying thing about ransomware is that it does this in the background and you the end user are the last to know. The costs of dealing with this could be anything from a few hundred pounds to many tens of thousands.



It is thought that the NHS has already paid out many tens of thousands to recover data locked up by these very malicious operators.

Cybercrime is increasing at an alarming rate, and is far more profitable for the bad guys than conventional theft, it’s practically impossible get caught. And Government policy is woefully behind the times on this.

Logic 1st have a range of support solutions for this area of your business, we want to help in the first instance. Get in touch today.

News From South Africa

Don’t often get stories from this far south, however they do seem to suffer with a larger than average level of crime, perhaps they are ahead of the UK in this regard.


Big problem is that most of the losses  are not discovered until days or even months after.

It’s not only your online banking that’s a problem. It’s investments, money transfers and client data that can all cause problems if you don’t get it right.

Ask us to ‘Borrow John’s Brain for a few hours and he’ll walk you through what you need to do. You don’t want to find your business in a complete network meltdown when you walk into the office in mid March.

Protecting Against Cyber Attack  (from last month but worthy of a reshare)

Thirty Eight percent of UK businesses have been affected by some kind of attack in the last 12 months should provide some sobering thoughts This report which is opened with comments from a Small Business Insurer should make you take some action.

These security issues are easily solved, but you do need to get in touch.


Viruses, spyware and hacking are well documented within the media. In our experience clients are very aware of the need to protect their systems but often don’t take actions to address their concerns, for many reasons including a lack of time.

Such risks really can’t be underestimated and are becoming a greater threat as global technology moves on.  Most businesses in reality would find it exceedingly difficult to operate without their computer systems.  The same applies to a loss of data, where making a regular backup could ultimately save your business.

The answer is our free health and security check. One of our technicians will spend time talking through your systems and how you use them, before generating a report showing any weaknesses in your systems and advising on improvements.

If you’d like to hear more of these stories, follow us on Twitter @logic1st for regular security updates


No matter what IT issue you have, we have a solution.

Grit Petersdorf | Technical Marketing Executive

Microsoft Certified Partner | Silver Midmarket Solution Provider

Tel. 01273 784900 (option 2)

Fax. 01903 766669


IT Support in 2017


This whole IT support thing seems to have gotten out of control in recent years. There
are some, mainly creators of operating system (Microsoft and Apple mainly) who are
either in denial or want to secure their systems of their own bespoke options.

A recent spat between Kaspersky and Microsoft has highlighted this.

A few years ago, it was about support. Printers not working or hard drives crashing. But
that was then. Of course Logic 1st still deal with a lot of these problems for you, both
remotely and with our mobile staff.

As you know, running a business relies heavily on your IT working and doing so every day,
and it doesn’t do that without…

  • having a plan in place for failure of hardware, software being updated.
  • understanding the issues of mobile working and the supporting telecoms.
  • working with a trusted consultant that specialises in working with sme’s.

As a business owner you make your money by doing business, as an IT support firm we
earn ours by making sure your systems are working 24/7 without fear from hackers, malicious
staff or simple system failures.

Call any afternoon on  01273 784 900 option 2 ask for John.

Logic 1st – January 2017 News

Happy New Year. Couldn’t help to remind you. Let me ask how was your Christmas. Pleased to be back at work? Let me know by sending a tweet @logic1st


In terms of your IT security this year started in a similar way to the year before and the year before that, with issues.  The January Update from Logic 1st


Don’t forget. If you feel you’ve been affected by any of the issues raised in this newsletter you can call our hotline https://www.logic1st.com/contact/

You can get your own copy as it’s updated by leaving your email address below.

No salespeople will call and we don’t share your personal information. That’d be wrong.

Logic 1st – December 2016 News and Updates

We’re back with our last newsletter of 2016!

More updates and security news because these threats are still around, especially coming into the busy festive season. You don’t want to find your business in a complete network meltdown when you walk into the office for the first time in the New Year.

Summary for December

  •  Smart Toys have shown to be hackable in the past
  •  Mass murdering cyber criminals?
  •  Android ransomware
  • Sites Dailymotion and National Lottery have been hacked
  • Mobile device security

The full version is here.

Don’t forget. If you feel you’ve been affected by any of the issues raised in this newsletter you can call our hotline https://www.logic1st.com/contact/

You can get your own copy as it’s updated by leaving your email address below.

No salespeople will call and we don’t share your personal information. That’d be wrong.

Logic 1st – November 2016 News

It might feel like more of the same, with similar news and stories, they are similar just not the same. The bad guys are not giving up yet, and nor are we.

Bottom line is this, these threats are coming thick and fast.

Summary for November

  •  Malware inside Google Play
  • Over 100 million account details leaked
  •  NHS Trust with major problems

    These three stories are important, because they outline the problems when major players get these things wrong. One of the reasons our phones and computers suffer with less problems now is that they are secured by the providers (Google Play/Apple Store etc) however when the providers get it wrong we could all be in trouble.

The full version of this update is here

Don’t forget. If you feel you’ve been affected by any of the issues raised in this newsletter you can call our hotline https://www.logic1st.com/contact/

You can get your own copy as it’s updated by leaving your email address below.

No salespeople will call and we don’t share your personal information. That’d be wrong.

October 2016 – Logic 1st News

It’s good to be back with some more news and updates from the team here at Logic 1st. Couple of things to focus on in this newsletter.

  •   Google Chrome Browser – Changes To How It Reports Secure Websites (https)
  •   Ransomware. Why it could take you days to recover your data after an attack?

You can download yours here


Don’t forget. If you feel you’ve been affected by any of the issues raised in this newsletter you can call our hotline https://www.logic1st.com/contact/

You can get your own copy as it’s updated by leaving your email address below.

No salespeople will call and we don’t share your personal information. That’d be wrong.