Free Health And Security Check.

Cyber Crime.  A very modern hot potato.

Our free security check is more popular than ever and it is easy to understand why.  Viruses, spy ware and hacking are well documented within our media and are a concern for any size of business. In our experience clients are very aware of the need to protect their systems although they don’t always take actions to address their concerns.  Usually this is due to lack of time or sometimes just the thought that cyber criminals are only interested in big business.

Secure your data now.

Such risks really can’t be underestimated and are becoming a greater threat as global technology improves. The government is actively encouraging small businesses to take responsibility for their own cyber security.  Certainly anyone holding client data can’t afford to ignore the issue as the repercussions of data misuse can be crippling to small business. Most businesses would find it exceedingly difficult to operate without their computer systems. The same applies to a loss of data, where making a regular back up could ultimately save your business.

Many of our new clients have suffered for years with systems which do not complement each other or systems slowed down with unnecessary information, and unlicensed or unsupported software.

The answer is our free security check where we spend time talking through your systems and how you use them.  Then we will  generate a report showing any weaknesses in your systems and advising improvements.

Prevention is definitely more cost effective than a cure and you may be surprised at the difference taking small measures makes.  Protecting yourself doesn’t have to be expensive because there are some great products around at low cost.

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