IT Systems

Planning & future proofing IT systems

Whatever your future plans, you may need assistance in ensuring that your systems continue to support you.  The pace of change is sometimes difficult to keep up with but a solid IT plan helps.  What are your business goals now?  What will they be for the next couple of years?  What challenges might crop up? How will your current IT systems cope? Careful thought and preparation allows you to have a system which won’t let you down when  your plans change.  A flexible system now can save a lot of money and stress further down the road.


From a single pc through to a large IT system of networked offices, we specialise in installing the equipment you need to run your organisation effectively.

With new offices we can advise on all infrastructure issues such as

Broadband, wifi and telecommunication connections to make sure that everything is in place to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Finance for IT systems

Finance can be a real headache for new businesses. Without the right equipment you can’t begin to make the sales you require, but it can be difficult to source finance without prior accounts to establish credit worthiness. Logic is able to assist in such situations because of our special relationship with our finance providers.


We offer training courses either at your own offices or within our training suite located in West Sussex. For those looking to motivate or reward their staff we can even arrange overnight stays on the coast so that employees can take advantage of all Brighton has to offer. A great way to relax as a team after an intensive day of training.

Whatever your requirements we are happy to advise on and plan a course which will deliver targeted training in areas that will enhance the effectiveness of your staff and therefore your business.

To reduce your support requirements and keep regular costs down, we can provide training to key members of your staff, enhancing performance and increasing knowledge within your organisation.