Data security and Disaster recovery

Disaster Recovery.  Protect your business today.

If you have undertaken our health and security check you will know exactly how to minimise security problems.

Other scenarios may cause damage to either your systems or the environment you work in. Although often far from our minds, disasters can and do occur.  Under new data protection laws the repercussions of data loss can be even more serious than before.

Our priority is to ensure that you are up and running with the absolute minimum of disruption.

Case Study

Jeffrey owns a medium sized accountancy business and is aware of his obligations under the data protection act.  He has implemented systems to secure his data and was not overly worried by security issues.  Last July he was on his annual holiday leaving the office in the charge of his very capable manager, Ian.  Ian rang Jeffrey in a panic to say that the office administrator had opened an email containing a virus.  All systems were down and the current IT support company thought that data may have been transferred externally.

Jeffrey’s holiday was interrupted but there wasn’t much he could do to help and he could not access any devices.  The current IT company were not treating it as a priority and seemed confused about getting the system back up and running again.  Fortunately Ian asked a friend if they knew anyone who could help and they directed him to Logic. Systems were back within half an hour and Paul, our data security expert, restored all the data within two hours.  After this we made several security recommendations and also provided training to Jeffrey’s staff.

For those who have not yet addressed any security or back up issues, work involved in restoring systems could be extensive.

Talk to Logic to find out how we can help or ask us for more detailed information.

Data Security

Business systems have never been more under threat than they are today. Fortunately there are many low cost solutions available to keep you safe.

Malware, hackers and old style viruses will all cause problems that are generally avoidable. From issues with data integrity and access, to keeping your team working and maintaining cash flow.  If you secure your IT systems properly, you will save time, effort, money and reputation in the long run.

We have produced a free report for you to download: Vital Safety Systems For Small Business Computing.

If you would like honest advice and guidance on this subject, with no sales pressure and no obligation, please do get in touch.