Telephone Systems

We offer internet telephone systems and solutions from award winning company 3CX, that integrate seamlessly with your IT systems, maximising efficiency and reducing costs.

Your home, office and mobiles can ring simultaneously, allowing you to answer calls from anywhere. For our own staff this has proved incredibly useful and delivers scope for more effective home working.

With desktop integration you can simply click a phone number to dial or stay a step ahead by taking an inbound call which already shows you the appropriate outlook contact.

To keep costs down we can also arrange a free analysis of your call volume and recommend a call plan to save you money on your regular phone bills.

Benefits of the 3CX telephone system:

Improved customer contact

A missed call could mean a missed sale! It is imperative that you can respond to a call immediately, 3CX improves employee availability with intelligent call routing redirecting calls simply and quickly so calls never go unanswered.

Remote working

Mobilise and connect your workforce by giving users their own personal telephone environment wherever they log on e.g. home or office without the need to use expensive mobile phones.

Information at your fingertips

Easy telephone system integration into databases and CRM systems so that on incoming calls the appropriate contact window of the caller pops up and the contact information and property details can be viewed instantly.

Add new offices

A scalable system that will grow with your business – simply buy new licences to add new users or new branches.

Latest technology

Take advantage of the business benefits of IP telephony and associated applications.

Call recording

All customer conversations can be recorded and filed as it is often important to keep an ‘audio trail’ of negotiations with customers.

Easy installation and administration

Changes, updates and adjustments to the system can be handled internally without the need for expensive service contracts.

Unified messaging

Manage all voice, fax and email messages via your PC.


For any new telephone system installed, training will be offered. The amount of initial training required will vary depending on your organisation and any previous experience of the system you are purchasing.


Logic can offer additional peace of mind by providing telephone support, particularly in the early day of learning about your system. We offer many flexible support contracts and your support could be included in general computer support if you require it.

Support for your new telephone system is offered during our office hours of Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. If you require support outside these hours we can arrange on-call support at the appropriate cost. Our staff have extensive knowledge of installing and supporting the systems that we offer and are able to deal with any queries that you have with the operation of your system.

Finance for purchase and installation costs can be sourced through Logic and we are able to spread the cost of support by monthly payments with our support contract.

VOIP telephone system consultancy

We can arrange a FREE consultation for you to discuss your VOIP requirements fully and will then arrange a site visit to demonstrate the benefits of the available systems.