Leasing And Finance

Leasing and finance – a straightforward way to fund your equipment purchases?

You may wish to finance larger purchases without making too much of a dent in your cash flow.  Leasing and finance for equipment purchases can be a headache for business owners and many prefer to make regular payments.

Logic is registered under the consumer credit act and has links with major leasehold companies. Depending on current law you may be able to offset each payment against profits.

For a new business finance can be a thorny issue. Until you have the right equipment you can’t begin to make the sales you require but it can be extremely difficult to source finance without prior accounts to establish your creditworthiness.

Logic is able to assist in such situations because of our special relationship with our leasing and finance providers.

Leasing equipment ensures that you always have up to date hardware with no need to find large sums to finance it.

Making payments for services

For annual support contracts we allow you the flexibility to make monthly payments with no additional interest charge.

For larger purchases we can sometimes offer short term, no interest instalment plans if you pay a deposit up front.  We accept payments by cheque, bank transfer, credit or debit