Logic 1st – IT Security Update March 2017

LOGIC 1st IT Support  – News and Updates – March 2017

We’re back with our second newsletter of 2017!

Last year Logic 1st managed to solve tens of thousands of IT problems before they became a problem for our clients. Our active monitoring notifies us if something is wrong and often we’ll fix it before you know it.

Couple of points in this issue.

  • A Humming WHALE
  • Don’t get held to ransom
  • News from South Africa.

Humming Whale is back, this time inside Android devices. Not sure who names these things, but the thought of a humming whale does boggle the mind a little. This kind of problem needs to be identified and solved before it plays havoc with the rest of systems in your office. Get in touch for some handy guidance.

You only need a member of staff with an android device to check work email and your entire IT ecosystem could be under threat.


Don’t Get Held To Ransom


Of all things that could happen to you, this is one of the last things you’d really want. Basically, software is downloaded to one of your office computers, it then starts to work by encrypting all of your files and data.

That really annoying thing about ransomware is that it does this in the background and you the end user are the last to know. The costs of dealing with this could be anything from a few hundred pounds to many tens of thousands.



It is thought that the NHS has already paid out many tens of thousands to recover data locked up by these very malicious operators.

Cybercrime is increasing at an alarming rate, and is far more profitable for the bad guys than conventional theft, it’s practically impossible get caught. And Government policy is woefully behind the times on this.

Logic 1st have a range of support solutions for this area of your business, we want to help in the first instance. Get in touch today.

News From South Africa

Don’t often get stories from this far south, however they do seem to suffer with a larger than average level of crime, perhaps they are ahead of the UK in this regard.


Big problem is that most of the losses  are not discovered until days or even months after.

It’s not only your online banking that’s a problem. It’s investments, money transfers and client data that can all cause problems if you don’t get it right.

Ask us to ‘Borrow John’s Brain for a few hours and he’ll walk you through what you need to do. You don’t want to find your business in a complete network meltdown when you walk into the office in mid March.

Protecting Against Cyber Attack  (from last month but worthy of a reshare)

Thirty Eight percent of UK businesses have been affected by some kind of attack in the last 12 months should provide some sobering thoughts This report which is opened with comments from a Small Business Insurer should make you take some action.

These security issues are easily solved, but you do need to get in touch.


Viruses, spyware and hacking are well documented within the media. In our experience clients are very aware of the need to protect their systems but often don’t take actions to address their concerns, for many reasons including a lack of time.

Such risks really can’t be underestimated and are becoming a greater threat as global technology moves on.  Most businesses in reality would find it exceedingly difficult to operate without their computer systems.  The same applies to a loss of data, where making a regular backup could ultimately save your business.

The answer is our free health and security check. One of our technicians will spend time talking through your systems and how you use them, before generating a report showing any weaknesses in your systems and advising on improvements.

If you’d like to hear more of these stories, follow us on Twitter @logic1st for regular security updates


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