Culture Change

There are many facets and challenges to running a small business.  Most of us business owners wear enough different hats in a day to keep a milliner in business for life.  Just when you have the hang of everything the rules change and you have to adapt again.  Not so dissimilar to the skills you need out in the “real world.”

We are used to the pace of change in the world of all things techie.  That’s what where our passion lies and where we like to think that we really do offer a great service to our clients. We love giving technical advice.

What none of us really like is sales!  Of course we need to keep the money coming in the door just like anyone else but it really isn’t fun for us. We know we have to market our services to keep the business healthy but what we really want to do is talk to you about technology, about what we can do to improve your working life.

Where can we change a process or give you an idea to change it yourself?  Where can we save you time?  Save you money? What is coming out in the next few months to get excited about?  Which of the good old technologies you have been using for years are still worth their salt?

Should you move to the Cloud?  How can you make your new office refit look amazing as well as work for all your staff?  How can you keep a gentle eye on those staff who are working from home or on the road without causing friction or extra work for yourself?

And what can you do about security in the light of the new data protection laws?  Can’t you just have a system that keeps you safe so that it isn’t your concern?

These are the kind of issues and technical advice we like to spend our time on.


In a competitive marketplace it was something we really had to think about.

We hope it gives us time to do the things that we enjoy, in other words, talking to you about all things technical.  It also means that you will only talk to people who want to offer you the benefit of their knowledge rather than push you into a sale.  We hope that it means we can develop a long standing relationship based on trust and understanding of your business.  After all, a sales person is a sales person, not usually someone who has spent years in professional training learning to understand all things IT related.

So, from now on, when you have a query you will speak to one of our senior technical staff, fully qualified to give technical advice.  No more battling through sales before you get to the interesting bit. They will be able to quickly ascertain your requirements and work with you to find the best solution.  It’s never a one size fits all!




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