Yet again Kaspersky products lead the way

Logic endorses Kaspersky Lab products, which have proved to be the most effective solutions for business yet again.

According to the results of Internet security product testing carried out by Dennis Technology Labs in Q4 2014, Kaspersky Lab products proved to be the most effective solutions for home users, small business and enterprises respectively. Kaspersky Internet Security, Kaspersky Small Office Security and Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business achieved the highest possible scores in the three respective tests and received the test lab’s top awards – AAA certificates.

To identify the most effective solution, Dennis Technology Labs experts calculate a Total Accuracy Rating based on the results of two independent studies. The first study evaluates how effectively each product combats the latest Internet threats, i.e. those detected within the last 24 hours. The second assesses how a product responds to objects that are known to be safe. Points were given to solutions being tested for successfully detecting and blocking malware and for allowing legitimate software to run. Points were subtracted in the event of errors. In all three tests Kaspersky Lab’s products achieved the maximum possible score of 1140 points.

“Every day, Internet users face hundreds of thousands of cyberthreats, so in practice even a small testing advantage for a security solution translates into hundreds of prevented incidents. Kaspersky Lab’s accumulated experience and the company’s professional competence enable us to stay on the cutting edge of security technology, and testing results confirm this,” –

–Timur Biyachuev, Director of Anti-Malware research, Kaspersky Lab

This is not the first time Dennis Technology Labs has rewarded the excellent quality of Kaspersky Lab’s security solutions: the company’s products achieved AAA certificates in all four quarters of 2014.

XP support has ended!

What is Windows XP end of support?

Despite the frequent introduction by Microsoft of newer versions of its Windows operating system over the years, many business and home PC users are still using Windows XP, which was replaced back in 2007.

However, Microsoft finally ceased support for XP on April 8th 2014 and will therefore no longer be issuing updates, security patches, bug fixes and Microsoft Security Essentials for the operating system.

Your machine is vulnerable

As no security updates will be issued, your PC running Windows XP will be highly vulnerable to infection by malware, with criminals being well aware of the vulnerability.

Such malware could be used by criminals for a number of purposes, including:

  • Stealing your personal and financial details in order to commit fraud.
  • Committing identity theft by applying for bank accounts, passports and other facilities in your name.
  • Monitoring your email and other communications.
  • Recruiting your PC to be part of a botnet, commonly used to attack corporate or government websites.

Additional risks for businesses

In addition to the above, it will become more difficult to get your XP PC serviced or repaired, an increasing number of devices and software programs will no longer work with Windows XP, and a decreasing number of independent hardware and software support vendors will be able to provide services for Windows XP systems.

You also risk unauthorised entry into your information systems which could lead to your data being accessed or stolen, non-compliance with insurers’ and/or customers’ standards and a breach of the Data Protection Act.

Please note that Microsoft will continue to provide virus warnings for Windows XP until July 14th 2015. Many anti-virus software companies will also continue to update their products to spot malware targeted at the operating system. This does NOT mean, however, that patches and fixes will be available, and users still need to find a solution.

Before you do anything, it is very important that you back up the data on your PC and ensure that it can be accessed and recovered on another machine.

If you require help in upgrading your current PC, call Logic for a quote.

Kaspersky wins the antiviral Olympics

The Olympics are over, but there’s one more top performer to consider for a gold medal: Kaspersky Lab, whose antivirus and computer security products performed more successfully than any other competitor in independent testing during 2013. In 79 independent tests and reviews, Kaspersky Lab finished with the highest rating 41 times, and top-three ratings 61 times. The 77-percent Top 3 rating rate was higher than any other competitor, and so too were the 41 first-place ratings.

These top-three finishes, aptly named Top 3 ratings in the antivirus community, were awarded from such respected independent testers as AV-Comparatives, Dennis Technology Labs and MRG Effitas, and from industry-leading trade publications including CHIP Online, PC World and PC Magazine. The tests covered a wide range of antivirus detection, prevention and removal capabilities of computers and mobile devices and simulated real-life threats and user scenarios.

The AV-Comparatives On-Demand Detection Test, for instance, measured products’ abilities to detect the latest threats, as well as the incidents of false positives – the times that a security product thinks it has found a threat but has instead blocked a harmless program. AV-Test’s Bi-Monthly Certification Consumer and Business test measured the protection, performance and usability of the antivirus suites – an antivirus suite that protects a system but utilizes so much of a system’s resources that it slows performance isn’t worth much to a user. The Online Banking/Browser Security Report from MRG Effitas assessed the efficiency of various products’ abilities to protect against real-world financial malware used to steal user data.

These tests covered various Kaspersky Lab products, and the company has several offerings for users to choose from to secure their systems and their data. Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 offers complete protection against the latest security threats on the Internet, securing your personal and financial data for all online activities. Kaspersky Internet Security – Multi Device provides sweeping protection for PCs, Macs and Android devices under one license. And Kaspersky PURE 3.0 offers all the protections of Internet Security, while providing additional services like a password manager and online data backup.