IT Support in 2017


This whole IT support thing seems to have gotten out of control in recent years. There
are some, mainly creators of operating system (Microsoft and Apple mainly) who are
either in denial or want to secure their systems of their own bespoke options.

A recent spat between Kaspersky and Microsoft has highlighted this.

A few years ago, it was about support. Printers not working or hard drives crashing. But
that was then. Of course Logic 1st still deal with a lot of these problems for you, both
remotely and with our mobile staff.

As you know, running a business relies heavily on your IT working and doing so every day,
and it doesn’t do that without…

  • having a plan in place for failure of hardware, software being updated.
  • understanding the issues of mobile working and the supporting telecoms.
  • working with a trusted consultant that specialises in working with sme’s.

As a business owner you make your money by doing business, as an IT support firm we
earn ours by making sure your systems are working 24/7 without fear from hackers, malicious
staff or simple system failures.

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